We take ideas and harness them, creating powerful content that entertains, captivates and inspires.

Rhoda Pond

Welcome to Rhoda Pond

We’re a team of creatives located in the Midlands in Birmingham, UK, working with clients Nationwide. Our agency has a desire to produce beautiful and innovative video content that audiences can relate to.

Our passion is to create bold, powerful and forward-thinking content.

Turning ideas into powerful content

Captivating audiences isn’t always easy, but that’s where we come in - we can ease your business into the process of producing content that will define your brand.

We listen to you, throw ourselves in, and harness simple ideas as a foundation before turning them into powerful pieces of film that provide endless value, and content that we are very proud of.


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What We Do

At Rhoda Pond, we can provide a range of different content marketing services that are designed to drive your offering/product/business forward...

Creative Video Production

Humans identify videos as more engaging, more memorable and more compelling than other forms of advertising.

That’s why video production has become such an important pillar of any successful modern company. Our agency delivers unrivalled production value to the screen, empowering your business and showcasing the strengths of your products and services to the World.

Whether you’re looking to showcase a new product, develop entertaining content or produce educational videos, our professional team will help you achieve your video production goals regardless of the budget.


Our commercial photography experience stems from our passion for sports advertising, lifestyle and high-end still life. We understand the nuances involved in shooting meaningful and beautiful photographs that highlight your products and services.

Bring your company’s promotional materials to life with our flexible and creative approach to photography. Innovation and consistency are paramount in such a diverse and creative industry. This gives us the upper hand over other companies.

Let's work together

Who we are

Rhoda Pond has humble beginnings that stem from a summer excursion to New York. Our summer affair built the foundation for our flexible and innovative approach to creative video production, allowing us to explore our creative passions and incorporate them into our professional work.

Our experiences in New York paved the way for our success. We’re still the same passionate team that seek inspiration at every corner of life, but now we have a professional production studio in The Midlands of the UK in Birmingham to serve as our main base of operations.

Contact us today

We love to get involved as early as possible, so if you’re in Birmingham, The Midlands or further afield in the UK, get in touch with our agency today and we’d love to discuss your ideas and goals over a phone call or a coffee.